What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a common disorder affecting over 50 million people in the United States. It is often referred to as “ringing in the ears,” although some people hear hissing, roaring, whistling, buzzing or clicking. Tinnitus is not actually a disease, but a symptom of another underlying condition of the ear, auditory nerve or other influencing factor. Tinnitus can be intermittent or constant, with single or multiple tones. The perceived volume can range from very soft to extremely loud and may be recurrent or constant.

What Causes Tinnitus?

The exact cause of tinnitus is not known in every case. However, there are several likely factors that may worsen tinnitus. These include:
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Wax build-up in the ear canal
  • Certain medications
  • Ear or sinus infections
  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Ear diseases and disorders
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Certain types of tumors
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Head and neck trauma
Tinnitus ranges from a temporary response to loud noise to a chronic symptom of an underlying medical condition. When chronic tinnitus interferes with your quality of life, it’s time to turn to the hearing health professionals at Live Better Hearing. We expertly diagnose the tinnitus cause and recommend treatment options to calm tinnitus and bring you relief.

Symptoms Of Tinnitus

Ringing, buzzing, whirring or clicking are all words used to describe the sounds of tinnitus. Tinnitus is the condition where your ears and brain perceive sounds that aren’t in the environment. It can be loud enough to inhibit sleep, degrade your ability to concentrate and make communication difficult. Tinnitus may be temporary, but it can also be a chronic condition that decreases your quality of life.

Causes Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus isn’t a rare condition. Roughly 25 million Americans experience tinnitus at some time in their life. Tinnitus itself isn’t a disease; it is a symptom. Tinnitus has many different causes. The most common causes of tinnitus are:

  • Undiagnosed Hearing Loss: Many people that experience tinnitus are living with undiagnosed hearing loss.
  • Exposure to Excessive Noise: Exposure to excessive noise levels, whether over a long period of time or just briefly damages hearing. It can also lead to tinnitus. The longer the exposure the more severe the tinnitus and hearing loss.
  • Ototoxic drugs: There are many medications that can cause tinnitus. Common aspirin is just one of them. If you have tinnitus and take medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if your prescription drugs could be the cause.
  • Other causes: Allergies, tumors, and problems in the heart and blood vessels, jaw and neck can cause tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatments

Depending on the severity and underlying condition causing the tinnitus, there are several treatments available to improve the perception of unwanted noise. The most common treatments for tinnitus include:

  • Hearing aids with tinnitus-masking features
  • Tinnitus retraining therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Avoidance measures
  • Avoidance of certain medications
  • Behavioral therapy
Gary Lachow
Gary Lachow
People often say “I don't have time to write reviews”, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help others by sharing my mother’s WONDERFUL experience with Dr. Marisa Fassnacht, an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and upbeat audiologist. Dr. Marisa truly cared about helping my mom, who previously had been to several audiologists but never trusted them. My mom has been having trouble with her hearing aids which didn’t seem to be helping much lately. Dr. Marisa demonstrated the utmost patience by listening to all of my mom’s questions and concerns and thoroughly answering each one of them. After making the necessary adjustments to her hearing aids, Dr. Marisa provided practical tips on how my mom could communicate and interact with people to slowly build up her confidence. My mom recently told me that she feels she is gaining her life back, hearing loved ones and becoming a more active participant in conversations. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Marisa, and the entire exceptional team at the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center. My mom will definitely be seeing Dr. Marisa again when she is ready for her next set of hearing aids, as she has finally found an audiologist she trusts!
earl sigmund
earl sigmund
In my opinion there is no firm better to diagnose and care for your hearing issues than Dr Holi Lish and her staff at AHAC. I am a perfectionist and demand great customer service. I get that and more with Dr Lish and her staff. The process of just getting hearing aides and learning to use them properly is a daunting experience in itself - you just naturally feel old. The process used at AHAC takes all the anxiety and stress out of the hearing aide purchase and the proper use of the equipment. Contact DR Lish and you will see what I mean.
Barbara MannBarbaraM
Barbara MannBarbaraM
What a journey and a joy it has been rediscovering sound after getting hearing aids from Audiology & Hearing Aid Center in Warminster, PA. I knew I had hearing loss but didn’t realize how just bad it is, and I’ve had nothing but delightful times getting used to being able to hear again. To carry on conversations with my friends again in public or private, inside or out, even in the phone, and be able to actually understand what they’re saying. To not be exhausted after speaking with somebody for a while because I’m putting so much effort into trying to understand them, and still getting it wrong much of the time. To be able to speak with children again, and clearly hear their higher pitched voices. To hear just how many birds are really singing and chattering around me, and hear the fullness of the stream in my favorite park. To be able to hear my own voice again… I find myself singing around the house again because I no longer sound off key to myself. I discovered just last night that someone I’ve met in the last year has an accent; I’ve never heard it before because I was only hearing part of his voice. And while brushing my teeth is best done with my hearing aids out 😁, pretty much everything else is best done with them in. I also find I’m more aware of sound even when I’m not wearing them, I think because my brain has been ignoring what it could not interpret, and now is conscious of it again. Sound has been brought back more fully into my world, and I’m so enjoying getting used to it. If you think you have a hearing problem, get it checked out, because you may be missing more than you realize. This practice is a wonderful group of folks who take the time to explain it all, make sure it works for you, and help you get the best experience you can from your hearing aids.
Jay Resnick
Jay Resnick
I recently got my second pair of hearing aids from Dr. Lish and the team at AHAC. I was so happy with my previous pair, until they started deteriorating. Dr. Lish cleaned and tested them, and informed me they were on their way out. I now have a new pair (of Phonak ones this time) and I could not be happier with how well they work. I am so grateful to Dr. Lish for her help and advice - and always seeing her smile (you can even see it through her very cool mask now). Delighted seems a fitting word for my experience with AHAC; I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for my hearing needs.
Dolores Martinchek
Dolores Martinchek
I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 49 yrs old, am now 69 yrs old, and thrilled to be wearing the newest rechargeable battery hearing aids. No messing around with keeping batteries in my pocket or purse or needing to change them at the most inappropriate moment. Plug them in at night before going to sleep, unplug and place in my ears first thing in the morning, and done. At AHAC, my audiologist, Holly, is always up to date with the latest in hearing aid improvements. Holly takes the time to explain patiently how any of the devices work and wisely schedules check-up appts for the devices. AHAC is the best hearing aid center I have been with.
Martin C
Martin C
After several pair of hearing aids and audiologists over the last 7 years, I finally found an audiologist who is fantastic! Dr. Maryann Nikander is a hearing impaired individuals dream! Starting from the initial hearing test, to the actual hearing aid determination, to the first fitting, EVERYTHING was accomplished in accordance with “best hearing practices.” I had a pair of custom ear pieces made by Dr. Nikander and they are perfect! No more annoying feedback noises or stuck domes in the ear canal! During the first fitting, she spent 2 hours with me fine tuning the hearing aids and explaining everything in detail! After two weeks, during my first post visit, we discussed what I liked and disliked about the aids and made adjustments. She even called the hearing aid manufacturer to ask about a question I had brought up! At every step in the process she thoroughly explained what she was doing and made sure that all my questions and concerns were addressed before I left. I never feel rushed and I am able to get every question answered. My hearing has never been better! I can actually hear sounds that just a few months ago I thought were gone forever! I watch the you tube channel and follow Dr. Cliff. He is a wealth of knowledge on hearing and hearing aids. Dr. Nikander was listed on his site as a qualified audiologist, with many years of experience who he determined follows Best practices. I highly recommend her when you require hearing and hearing aid expertise.
Cipollo SJ
Cipollo SJ
Dr. Lish and the entire AHAC staff are the nicest, attentive and efficient people to work with. They listen, are professional and I would recommend AHAC to my family and friends. Dr. Lish meets you with a smile and is personable. Thank you for making my hearing improvement experience memorable.
Joe Donahue
Joe Donahue
I was very fortunate to have my brother refer me to the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Warminster, PA and, in particular, Dr. Holli Lish. My brother called his hearing aids a "game changer" and how right he was. He told me that Dr. Lish would be most professional yet caring, helpful with the latest knowledge and offer me a simple way to understand the complex issues of adapting to hearing aids. Dr. Lish was all of that PLUS. When I had some initial problems adjusting the newly prescribed aids, she provided technical support in a very friendly manner. Dr. Lish has the most pleasing disposition in dealing with me because she comes across more as a 'friend with knowledge' than an overbearing 'know-it-all'. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lish, or for that the whole staff at the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Warminster, PA, for any audiology needs.
Mike Seifried
Mike Seifried
I found Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Warminster in a directory of audiologists that follow best practices. Dr. Holli Lish did an excellent job of understanding my specific needs and selecting and fitting the hearing aids best suited to my situation. Hearing aids are a significant investment in quality of life, so it is important that they are programmed and fitted correctly. I feel confident that my hearing aids are working at their absolute best, and I am hearing things I haven't heard in years. Highly recommended!
Matthew Suchodolski
Matthew Suchodolski
For years I struggled with a decreased level of hearing in parallel with an increased level of Tinnitus. As I look back, I now realize that I negated these occurrences; didn't want to admit it. It took a toll in regard to career performance and general life satisfaction. My mind was filling in the blanks and drawing inaccurate conclusions of what people were saying. Since being fitted up properly with hearing aids by Maryann at the Audiology and Hearing Center in 2019 my life has changed! I no longer fill in those blanks of what others are saying and my communication skills (both listening and speaking) have improved exponentially; especially in this day of age where communication is vital at both home and the office. The improved ability to hear really does support quality of life along with having a positive mindset. Maryann and her team at the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center are top notch professionals. For an end note, I have included the image below, because at age 55 vinyl records have never sounded better!

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